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Purpose and Application

LumiFLspectrocapture is a highly sensitive spectrophotometer that can measure the spectrum of weak light from bioluminescence or chemiluminescence, which was difficult to measure with existing spectrophotometers using photo diodes or PMT. LumiFLspectrocapture can acquire whole range of the light (ranging 400-800nm) simultaneously with an ultrasensitive cooled CCD. It can be a powerful tool in designing bioluminescent/chemiluminescent probe in cell imaging study, or analysis of mechanisms of bioluminescent/chemiluminescent reaction.











  1. An electronic cooled CCD camera is used as a detector.

  2. A CCD is capable of receiving the light of the entire target wavelength region for measurement at one time and detecting it.

  3. A CCD has higher quantum efficiency than a photomultiplier tube.

  4. detection time is shortened with all wavelength simultaeous detection.

  5. Measurement waelength range is 400 to 800nm.

  6. Long-time exposure is available (high sensitive detection of micro specimens)

  7. When a fluorescent excitation light source is equipped, FRET or fluorescent substance can be measured.



Product Number                                                         AB-1850 

Product Name                                                            LumiFLspectrocapture


1.Luminescence and fluorescence test section

     F number                                                                   F3.0

     Measurement wavelength region                              400 - 800nm

     Reciprocal linear dispersion                                      60nm/mm

     Wavelength resolution                                               1.8nm

     Repeatability                                                              ±0.6nm

     Slit width                                                                    0.01mm - 5mm (11steps)

     Exposure time                                                           1/30second to60minutes(26steps)

     Light receiving section                                               Thermoelectric cooling CCD



     Number of diffraction gratings                                   1 (standard)

     Diffraction grations                                                    150pcs/mm

     Blaze wavelength                                                      500nm

3.Measurement sample 

     Sample container                                                      Square quartz cell (10mmx10mm) /0.2mL PCR tube /35mm dish

     Sample volume                                                         10μL above

     Reagent injection parts for flush luminescence         Available

     Excitation light                                                           FC connector for incident light is available(standard)



    FunctionControl measurement



5.Dimensions and weight

     Power                                                                         AC100V 50/60Hz 290VA

     Dimensions                                                                510mm(W)×725mm(D)×390mm(H)

     Weight                                                                        58kg


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